Plastic Injection Toolmaking and Design

The plastic injection toolmaking team at Sharnold Ltd have all been designing and making plastic injection mould tools for over 30 years and have 18 years of hands on injection moulding experience since we began moulding in the year 2000. All of this combined experience and knowledge makes it possible for us to deliver plastic injection toolmaking solutions to suit the requirements of our customers. 

We work in partnership with our customers from the initial tool design, through each stage of producing the mould tool, to supplying finished moulded parts

Customers component ideas are 3D modelled and then the injection mould tool is designed around the model using Vero Visi software. 

Single or multi cavity tools can be easily designed in this way and any problem areas can be highlighted and modified if required to gain the best results possible prior to tool manufacture.

 Once the tool design has been completed machining of each of the individual components of the tool can begin. 

This process is implemented using Work NC which is directly linked to the Vero Visi software. 

The components of the tool can be highlighted and work zones generated to produce the toolpaths to complete the machining process which is carried out to a high tolerance on one of our cnc machines, wire edm machine or standard edm machines.

We produce tooling to suit our customers demands which can be , single or multi cavity, fully hardened, P20, aluminium tools or a budget tooling option which uses a Sharnold Ltd owned mould base with customers manufactured inserts fitted to it to produce small non regular moulding runs keeping tooling costs to a minimum.